Get Away From Your Daily Routine

Vacations are meant to be spent relaxing and enjoying yourself as much as possible while staying away from anything remotely connected to your daily routine.

If you ain't relaxing all day while on vacation then you simply cannot call it one. What use is it visiting Thailand if you spend most of the time sightseeing and shopping rather than relaxing and living a ultra-comfortable life.

Think about what I say here. I know that most of you take what I share here very seriously and I am happy that you consider me a life coach worth listening to. This post shares some really vital information worth putting into practice when you go on vacation.

No point going on vacation when you aren't relaxing at the beach for most of the day. No point visiting a city when all you do is run from attraction to attraction without spending time in soaking up the Sun and relaxing near you hotel's swimming pool.

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Harpreet Harpreet
Yes exactly my thoughts about vacation. Till now whatever vacations i had taken the idea has been to relax, away from the daily routines, spending time amidst nature.

Kalpana Kalpana
I have to enjoy such vacation sir and I love relaxing near a place where there is so much of greenery and a cottage like hut.We had been to Ooty and a hill station near Vizag, arakuloya. Both were pleasing but couldn't spend the way I loved.

Vinay Vinay
True words, sir. When people visit places, they record that they had visited so many number of places or monuments etc. They don't actually enjoy by relaxing in that place, as you mentioned.
That is actual vacation, as you have told.

Sheila Sheila
So far, I have not gone on a very long vacation like more than a month. My vacation will be less than fifteen days. I am planning to go for a long vacation by this year end. That time, I will plan most of my time in relaxing near beach and sea shores or on a green hill surrounded by trees and birds and listening to different sounds and recording them. Take a lot of photographs and videos and keep them as my treasure for the rest of my time.

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