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As a counselor, you truly realize what a client is going through when you yourself have been through a similar situation in your own life. A counselor who has marital problems knows best what clients with similar problems are going through.

A family counselor who has many kids understands what you are going through better when you have issues concerning your children.

Therefore, a counselor who can put themselves in the clients' shoes is usually in the best position to help those particular clients with the issues they are facing in their personal lives.

In my experience, I have learned that meditating in silence for a few minutes while pondering over the client's unique issue gives you a much better insight into their life. You can try doing this even if you aren't a counselor to get better insight into specific areas of your own personal life.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Thank you Sir for the valuable suggestion to the future counselors...."get into the shoes of the client & see the problem". Sure Sir, will do.

"Practice meditation before a session or any of your daily activity"...... Will do Sir. Thank you.

Dolphi Dolphi
It is much more effective to counsel someone if you can really step into the client's shoes. Empathize with the person you are going to counsel and the result will be nothing short of a miracle.

Mamta Mamta
I believe that by a certain age ,we as counselors have gone through so many experiences and ways to deal with situations that it becomes easier for us to understand and help clients over come their issues .

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