Getting Excited Right Now

Creating a new audio book always makes me excited, it's been a while since I felt this good, honestly, didn't expect so much praise, I just spoke what I felt like, just wanted to be among the active contributors in the world, one of the giving human being, it hates being left out, it hurts when your not remembered, I wanted to be back in the thick of things.

Osovo is busy these days, don't want to miss out on the action, the selfish part of me persists. Not much to say this serene moment, it seemingly appears to be a boring start to things, but boredom starts with boring people.

Night has turned to a new day now, doing the normal thing that every man my age does, brushing of the teeth, washing, bathing, taking a dump, the normal thing, we are all equal, I've said this in an earlier post. Never changes. Yet we think some people are so special.

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Sheila Sheila
When we do even a small creation, we feel so excited about it.
For ladies, when they make a new dish, they get excited. A girl when she makes a new dress by herself, she is delighted.
When a poet makes a poem, he is excited.
When we deliver something and it reaches in the way we wanted, it gives a lot of excitement.
Same way for you Sir, when you are creating the audio books for the people, it will surely give a lot of excitement to you, your family and to the people who will read and listen to them.
These are god given gifts and should continue ever till our last breath.

Kalpana Kalpana
I can feel the excitement of yours when you create something new sir.I feel excited with the new thoughts i get while making the new blog and learning creating it the way i loved so i can understand how you must be feeling after being successful creating differently from others.

Harpreet Harpreet
Creating anything of excellence or value which helps the other human beings is definitely going to make us happy. Seeing our dream turning into reality is exciting and i think that is what you are feeling Sir.

Gomathi Gomathi
Sir, just got still on reading the line..."one of the giving human being"......what a sentence Sir, this one sentence just narrates your personality as a whole.

We turn to excitement like children when something new is done......like to be noticed, liked to be praised & go upset when unnoticed. However we always fight to establish our position good, because we are still child inside, always longing for good love & care.

Vinay Vinay
Two things in this sir. One is the creation: when we create something on our own, we do have the satisfaction.
The second is the appreciation that we get from others. It's our own creation and if we get the praise and appreciation from others, not only that we will feel happy about our creation, but also we will feel like creating more of that sort.
That is encouragement.
We are lucky to be part of Osovo.

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