Getting Started Itself

The main reason why tension, anxiety, stress, procrastination, panic, and worries occur in our everyday lives is because we don't do the basic things right.

It's important to have a strong foundation for a tall building else the structure is about to collapse anytime in the future. The biggest secret to living an effortless, easy and stress-free life is to be organized. Just be organized and watch how wonderful life can be.

Contrary to what you may believe and think, being organized isn't that difficult. It all starts with a plan. And it also starts with a couple of questions.

- What are the things that need to be organized in the first place?
- How can you be more organized in those areas from now on?

The answers to these 2 questions will take you just a few minutes to answer but it's truly shocking that most of my clients don't keep aside this time to do it. Maybe that's the main problem - getting started itself!

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Sheila Sheila
Beautiful and simple way of explaining and understanding of how well we could keep ourselves organised with those 2 simple questions...
Then answering them...
Wonderful. Thank you for this simple and good way to plan each day.

Kalpana Kalpana
Sir thank you for suggesting a simple way to start examining and then planning.

Harpreet Harpreet
Thank you Sir for these 2 questions for answering them will help us to be more organized. It is important to be organized for it increases efficiency, reduces stress and clutter thereby improving our overall quality of life.

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