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A regular client of mine recently asked me as to why I was sharing hundreds of my life secrets with others on Osovo for free!

I told her that my life's purpose is being fulfilled each time I share another secret or piece of useful advice with another person.

I love helping other human beings with my knowledge and experiences. It helps me become happier and happier.

The more we help others, the happier we get. There, that's another secret that I shared with you.

Not everything in life must be equated in terms of money. I am blessed by God with most of my basis needs such as ample food, clothing and shelter. The greatest way I can repay God for this abundance he has given me and my family is to help spread the joy with others who might not know about these secrets to living an awesome life every single day.

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Kalpana Kalpana
Very true happiness is achieved when we can share our knowledge,it gives happiness in return.Each person has a unique style of getting happiness ,you achieve by sharing your knowledge by posts in osovo and audio books.

Harpreet Harpreet
Sir you are fulfilling your purpose of making a difference in the lives of so many people by sharing your knowledge and experiences. You rightly pointed out that not everything must be equated with money. No amount of money can buy the blessings we get when we help others live a happy and joyful life.

Gomathi Gomathi
Sir, you are an open book. Thank you for all the good unconditional giving Sir...."The more we give, happier we get", I 100% agree to this statement....when I take care of others needs, God take care of my needs.

Sir, but still, as a well wisher, In one thing I go with your client, not all eyes are good, so, I humbly suggest to let know the life secrets open but not all. Please do consider. I do believe, "All is God".....but let there be some privacy lines for ourselves. Even when you said that "you are going to open a shopping site, where you will publish the items all you purchased".....I was little taken back, Is Sir doing the right thing?? Is sharing one's home space is okay??? I know you want to share your happiness to all ....but still....I have a hesitation....Sir is it okay to share all??

Please excuse if I'm wrong in any of my words.

When something is not okay with heart, I always express. Sir, hope you take my idea in good heart.

Savio Savio
All what I share is well calculated. I've trained thousands and thousands of people in person and have shared aspects of my life that helps brings positive changes in the lives of those who take my teachings and sharing in the right spirit. My personal life remains personal, not to be shared with others, only pictures of material goods are being shared, if someone wants to make negative use of what I share then I am quite certain that God is watching them closely and will ensure that we are protected from their evil eye and negative intentions.

Gomathi Gomathi
Thank you Sir, now I am convinced.

Dolphi Dolphi
I too wonder how Savio Sir can afford to give thousands of pieces of advice for free. To my knowledge Savio Sir is not a billionaire. He has to earn his living. I suppose money comes to him mysteriously while distributing free advice.

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