God Shows The Way

God always helps us find a way through the journeys of our daily life. Last year, in November, when we were thinking of moving to Naigaon, we were a bit worried and stressed about whether we would be able to have as good an internet connection as the ones we're used to having in our homes in the city.

We were also worried about electricity cuts, water shortage, medical facilities, local markets for fruits and veggies, etc. However, after a few days of worrying, we left our fates in the hands of God. After all, moving here was part of my father's dream. Unfortunately, he could not live here due to this house being far away from any hospitals during those years (1997 to 1999).

Anyway, long story short, God not only gave us the nod to move to our family home in Naigaon but he gave us the best internet connections that we have ever had since our marriage close to a decade ago. Overall, this has been the best home we have lived in.

Yes, there are a few issues to face here. The neighbors are staunch Christians so don't like us enjoying all the Hindu festivals. And medical facilities are lesser here as compared to our previous homes. But the easy access to the sea breeze, the jungle around our windows, the pureness and serenity of Mother Nature, and the ample relaxation that we have in this home more than makes up for any drawbacks.

God always shows us the way forward. It's just that we sometimes take a while to put all our faith and trust in him.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Having a house with beautiful walls of Nature is a great blessing, & sure, you & your family is being blessed with such gift. Sir, happy to know that you wish to celebrate Hindu festivals, this shows your equality to all religions. A house of inner happiness will makes us forget other drawbacks around the house, & certainly Naigaon is one such house. Good wishes for a happy life always.

Kalpana Kalpana
True sir God always shows us a better path if one way is closed,everything happens for our good and with a reason.It took many years for me to understand this.

Harpreet Harpreet
Very true, God always show us the way. We have to trust Him and walk on the path believing that He knows what is best for us.

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