Golden Words To Note


Few words of wisdom that I'd like to share with you right now...
- Have the uncanny knack of laughing at yourself.
- Keep curtains and shades open during the day in the spring and summer months.
- Find ways of legally paying lesser taxes than everyone else.
- Own just one credit card.
- Be a race horse. You should have your eyes firmly fixed on where you are going.
- Genuinely like people.
- Do not waste moments in regret or in worry.
- Do your bit to help save the environment.
- Your wedding ring should be your most priced possession.
- Follow good phone etiquette at all times.
- Have strong beliefs in a higher source.

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Dolphi Dolphi
Great advice and I will try to follow it. Indeed, I have just one golden credit card. It was thrust upon me years ago but I have not used it even once.

Gomathi Gomathi
Thank you Sir for the golden words. Noted down. We are now like race horse, being our eyes focused firmly on replying Osovo posts, thank you for the privilege Sir. And sure this all happens because of my strong belief in the Higher source, the God, the Universal Intelligence, the Universal Soul.

Jyoti Jyoti
Sir, all are really golden words to note and follow in our life. Thanks for them.

Harpreet Harpreet
Indeed they are golden words to make our precious life wonderful. I also believe in keeping only one credit card and i use it very carefully by always paying the credit card bill well in time.

Kalpana Kalpana
Sir thank you for golden words will note them .I too hold only one credit card from 7 years but didn't use it for 3 years.

Vinay Vinay
Thank you for yet another post on words of wisdom. Everything true sir.
The sentence I liked the most is, 'genuinely like the people.'
Don't pretend as if you like someone to get a favour from him/her. It doesn't work for the long run.

Sheila Sheila
Beautiful words of wisdom.
Own just only one credit card... Very good lesson. That too only for emergencies like hospital expenses or unforeseen emergencies.
Finds ways of paying lesser tax - Very true, I always help my staff to plan their savings and guide them in income tax planning. Wherever, we can show genuine exemptions, we use that and pay less IT.
Be a race horse... Yes, we should be focused on reaching only our goals. We should never get distracted.
All other lines are also very valuable and to be implemented in our daily lives.

Soosamma Soosamma
Beautiful advice. I do not like credit cards. So I do not keep them. All my transactions are done through debit card.

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