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Technology is truly a boon to the human race. I spent most of my free time this week cataloguing our DVD and CD collection. My 7-year-old son, Max, helped me in numbering each CD and DVD, while I checked what was on each of them and created an intensive list of the contents of the 1000+ DVDs we own.

Then, today evening, I started taking backups of all the DVDs that I feel that we'd want to save for many more years to come. This is where technology in this space is mind boggling. I could save the contents of over 200 DVDs on a single 250GB external hard disk. Just amazing.

It is pleasantly surprising and also a bit shocking that modern technology can help us save this much space nowadays. In the future, I am certain there will be plenty more inventions in such areas that will lead to even greater space savings. The only sad part of it all is the Trillions of Dollars gone down the drain since music CDs and movie VCDs are hardly used anymore due to these very upgrades in technology.

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Gomathi Gomathi
True Sir. Happy to know the little Max helped you in numbering the DVDs.

For every good there is a bad too.
Technology is good because it gives comfort living, it is bad in the sense that it destroys the old lively treasures. Hand written letter on a inland cover is worth million, than just typing an email to another part of the globe in seconds.

The curiosity for writing an inland letter, posting ourselves, & expecting for acknowledgement are the ever green memories that technology cannot give.

At least we are blessed with those ever green memories, but our children are born with hi-tech, sure they play mates will be robots in near future.

Sheila Sheila
Exactly said Savio Sir. Similar to this, I have recently observed that whenever we used to go for holidays to Parks or dams, or any public place of interest, there will be a cameraman, who will be having his portable colour printer and will be taking pictures and giving an instant photograph.
Recently, I went to Botanical garden in Ooty and the poor photographers lost their business. No one wanted to use their services. Instead, each family is buying a selfie stick when entering the park, they load their mobiles in the selfie stick and take instant family photos and selfies at their favourite background. Science has advanced so much, that many people become redundant in their profession and are not required any more.
So, people should also be smart enough to pick up business and be on the look out for alternate business so that they become adaptable to the changing environment and find a way out of the change in technology and fit somewhere instead of breaking out.
I can see a massive change in the culture and lifestyle of people and advancement of technology, especially in the past 5 years. We can anticipate much more of changes in the next 5 to 10 years to come. God should give each one of us the wisdom to sail through the inventions and take ourselves for betterment and not for the worse.

Savio Savio
Well said, Gomathi et Sheila, your inputs add another dimension of thought to this otherwise ordinary entry on Osovo. Thank you.

Kalpana Kalpana
True Gomathi days were beautiful when letters were written and now we use technology and all shortcuts.Technology made our life more simple and easy but at times we loose the pleasure of doing things to our loved ones.As Sheila said the camera man in many botanical gardens and amusement parks have no work and selfi have taken over.

Harpreet Harpreet
Technology is actually a boon. I am especially happy with the technology because i can now save lot of books in CD's or in hard disk. It becomes difficult to carry so many books when we get transferred from place to place. However i still miss the touch of paper while reading.

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