Good Ideas Come Anytime


I get crazy and good ideas anytime. Thankfully I always have my phone or a Dictaphone so I quickly take my Dictaphone and record whatever is going through my mind while it's fresh in my memory.

Very often, just the habit of having my Dictaphone (or some paper and a pen) by my side is what helps me retain (and remember) the daydreams, thoughts and ideas I have during the day.

Sometimes, we get our best ideas (or dream about unique things) during the middle of the night and then suddenly we wake up remembering all those things that we just dreamed about and don't do anything about it because we think we will remember it later.

Then in the morning we try and write what we dreamed about and we discover that we don't remember much about it anymore.

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Kalpana Kalpana
Sir if something strikes me at any time,I just text the message and keep it and send it to my family members or mail it to myself immediately.There were many times when an idea strikes me while walking on road ,then I text my brother .

Gomathi Gomathi
Right Sir, good ideas comes anytime. Nowadays, after entering this course, I am carrying a notepad & pen along with me, to just write down the wise ideas. Our soul gives good ideas anytime for resolving our problems, all we need is, to be aware & to note down those good suggestions.

Harpreet Harpreet
True. Good ideas can come anytime . We need to be ready for ideas can flow from anywhere. Many a times when are thinking about some issue the answer comes in our dreams or it can come while taking a shower. So it makes sense to always keep pen and paper handy at all times and jot down the idea that comes to the mind.

Soosamma Soosamma
Good ideas come unexpectedly. Many times we are in deep thoughts for some situations and suddenly a good idea comes and you feel very happy about it.

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