Human Monkeys

There is very little difference between human beings and monkeys that exist in the world of today. Monkeys imitate and copy the actions of other monkeys or creatures they come across. Humans now do the same thing essentially.

We tend to copy or imitate everything that other humans around us seem to be doing during the day. Innovation or striking differences between humans will be a thing of the past as we all become more and more like each other in a thousands more ways than one.

It's like the population of the whole world is turning into a mechanical army of monkeys. Time to change things a bit. Meditate and let your soul show you the way forward from this moment onwards.

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Kalpana Kalpana
Decided to move further sir .I can keep myself happy and others around me.My complete concentration would be on counselling to improve myself live better with positive attitude and throwing all my past in dustbin.I will make the difference in my life from today.

Dolphi Dolphi
We can be best at being ourselves. Imitating at best is attempting to be a poor copy of others and monkeys can do it much better than us.

Gomathi Gomathi
Well said Sir. Human monkeys don't want to take risk of listening to their souls, because such path is hard but cool. So they are comfort in following the crowd. No one likes to be a good leader due to fear of responsibilities. Let not be in the crowd. Let us explore our self & be firm with our own self. The true happiness is being with our self.

Harpreet Harpreet
So true, we all are in a rat race and as said even if we win we are still a rat. Rather than following others like monkeys let's follow our inner voice and do something different.

Vinay Vinay
Very rightly put it, sir.
Most of the people lose their individuality by copying others. They very blindly imitate others not thinking that 'I' cannot become 'he' or 'she'. I am unique.

Kirti Kirti
The problem is somewhere trying to be accepted by others. People try to do what others are doing around them so that they are accepted by those around them.

But, in the quest of being accepted by others, we forget to accept ourselves as we are. If only we know what we are and accept own self.

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