I Feel Happy Right Now

Positive affirmations work. I will share a real live example right now. Just read this out aloud 50 times...

I feel happy right now.
I feel happy right now.
I feel happy right now.
I feel happy right now...

Once you are done walk over to your mirror and take a good hard look at your face. Chances are high that you will find yourself looking at a very happy face in the mirror.

Now that I've proven how powerful affirmations can be, it is time that you make your own affirmations. Let me remind you that both positive and negative affirmations work equally well.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Sir, I said fifty times the affirmation, "I feel happy right now", really when saying the word happy, we smile a little, sure this affirmation will delete all our past worries from the mind. Sometimes, unfortunately unknowingly, we will be affirming ourselves with negative thought, during those times, by this same affirmation technique, cancel all the negatives with positives.....a 21 days practice will form a habit.

Kalpana Kalpana
Sir after saying that twice ,we can know how we are feeling we don't need to walk to mirror to see our happy face.As you said both positive and negative affirmations affect us,positive affirmations help us build a positive attitude and negative affirmations pull down our morals.

Harpreet Harpreet
This is the power of affirmations, repeat them few times and one can see the results. Louise L Hay works with affirmations as well as with mirror. She calls it mirror work. It has helped lot of people around the world.

Sheila Sheila
Definitely one needs the affirmations.
Else it is like clapping with one hand.
When one keeps on speaking and the other person does not give any response, it will give a boring effect for the person who conveys or speaks something.

But when he knew that it is reaching the other end of what he /she is conveying, then it brings happiness and encouragement for the person to do still better. This is human psychology.

Dolphi Dolphi
When darkness spreads its wings all around, when everything you do seems futile, when everyone around you looks hostile and when life itself appears meaningless, a few positive affirmations can magically dispell this darkness. That is the power of positive affirmations!

Vinay Vinay
Affirmations can be powerful.
This is what I suggest to my students if they want to achieve something. Getting up early in the morning, scoring high marks in the exam, having a good relation with someone.....
The students come back and tell me that it works.

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