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I love it when the comments and feedback on our posts add value to the content already inside of it. It helps me build my personal knowledge on the said topic as well as makes me happy that those comments paved the way for future posts on the same topic.

Osovo is a work in progress. Each day, I plant myself at my favorite place, either at my desk or with the laptop by my bedroom window, then I go through a list of topics to write about, then I choose which I feel like writing about today.

The topic must resonate well with our listeners and readers. It must help them live better lives, solve everyday problems, or give them tools to enhance the quality of their life by sharing pieces of my own life with them.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Sir, the way the different posts of Osovo presented with it's unique style & wisdom, simply make us to applaud continuously. Indeed Osovo has now become a good friend and a well wisher. We are taking the great wishes & sure will make our life more & more better than now. Thank you.

Harpreet Harpreet
True, Right from the selection of topics which can resonate with the readers and listeners, soulful outpourings, information and knowledge about the different topics, Osovo is work in progress. We are indeed privileged to be part of this wonderful platform.

Sheila Sheila
The way you are covering a variety of topics, makes us think more and also learn more, share the knowledge we gain here to our family and friends.
Your experience in life is the base for creating such good posts to all of us here.

While reading your posts, then some thoughts come to my mind as well to share some messages and stories and that is how, I start writing some posts and share them here as well as to my friends.

Knowledge sharing is one of the best virtue, which only a few people understand and possess such qualities. You are one among the few Savio Sir.

Sheila Sheila
By the way Sir, I am not getting any feed back for any of my posts.
I do not know whether people like it or not.
So, I am just waiting for anybody to give their comments and feed back to my posts.

Savio Savio
Your posts are published on the course forum which only our registered students have access to. If you wish to publish something on Osovo then the opportunity will come along at some point in the near future. Only thing is that the posts must be original, written by you and not copied and pasted from another source.

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