It Is A Bad World


It's a bad, bad world. Do your own research the next time you see or receive a forward or pic of kids dying of Cancer to "like" and share on your social media profile page. Do not blindly "like" it and give these crooks free access to your entire friends circle. Your friends get fooled too.

Your pals think that they must "like" and share those 'sick and dying' kids pics along with their friends and very soon these scamming guys (or organizations) get thousands of shares and likes for pictures they are spreading around which they have absolutely no authority to do so.

It is funny that these guys never respond to comments posted below these shares. Many 'real' organizations have requested these crooks to tell or give information about the location of the hospital where these 'sick and dying' kids are but no reply. Never.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Sir, is there getting more likes for the picture so forwarded, add up merit to the person's profile in the net. I am totally unaware of those things. However, I discourage those fake forwards.

Jyoti Jyoti
Sir, it is very sad to know that people do click such likes. We should discourage such things and instead help the needy.

Harpreet Harpreet
Right Sir. I do not "like" such pictures and i have send a request to all my friends not to share such posts which ask us to "like" or to type "Amen" other wise we will face bad luck for 7 years or so. They even write that for every like the child will get $ 1 or something like that. The people who do it count on our sympathy and since we feel bad and wish that no bad luck falls on us fall into their trap.

Girish Girish
Such crooks will some day be counting their own wrong doings on this very Earth as each and every soul is answerable for all its actions as a Universal law.

Rekha Rekha
Right sir , such pictures are ridiculous. How people do it and share it. We should not entertain such clicks.

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