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Life has her fair share of ups and downs. Good times and bad. Happiness and sadness. They say that you cannot live a life that is only filled with ups, good times and happiness. It's not possible they say. But there are a few wise ones who have managed to find ways to live a life full of ups, ups and ups.

How is this possible you say? How can someone live a life like a thorn-less rose? How can we be happy every single moment of our lives?

Well, I've spent the last 2 decades of my life searching for answers to the above questions. And I learned that the only way to live a life full of ups, good times and happiness is to enjoy the now, fully surrender yourself to the present moment, after all, the present is a Gift from God, that's why it is called the present.

You cannot be unhappy or down when you focus fully on enjoying in the now. The problem with most people is that they live either in the past or in the future, both of which cause them to waste the joyful moments that pass right before their mind's eye.

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Sheila Sheila
Sir, today your full teaching is to live in the present.
From various posts and publishing today, we have very well debated and driven home to live in the NOW.

We should start the practice and also teach our people to live in the NOW. Be contented with what we are blessed with. Thank god for all His goodness bestowed upon us and make the best use of what He has given us and try to live the happiest life in the NOW.

Life may be coming with a mix match of good and bads. But we must make our minds to balance both. We should not get overwhelmed in the good nor be lost and depressed in the bad.

Take life as easy as possible. Take it easy, policy.
Set an example of our lives to others by leading a role model life. This will help people around us to see the difference and practice to live in the NOW.

Great efforts Savio Sir on this topic for the day. God bless you for your teachings. Cheers always.

Savio Savio
Just fulfilling my purpose, Sheila, and loving every second of it. Thanks for your kind words and appreciation though. People are always complaining about this and that but they forget about the fact that they are still alive. They are like the living dead. They forget that God gave us our bodies to be used as a tool to spread goodness, cheer and other useful things with others. I have learned that the best way to be happy every single day is to dedicate your daily hours to making other people happy.

Sheila Sheila
Excellent words Sir. To live a life to keep other people happy. A very meaningful life to live in that way. After all happiness comes from seeing others happy, more than we enjoy something alone.

Especially, sharing knowledge and wisdom of what we have gained from our experiences in life, is a meritorious act of any human. Many people, do not know the value of this. They feel biased in sharing knowledge. But you are an exception. Deeply blessed by God. Only few people has a heart to do that. God will richly reward in earth and heaven for such an act of kindness, Savio Sir.

Kalpana Kalpana
True sir we all had ups and downs in our life ,more downs when we think of our past and fear our future and forget about now.From now its no more downs,it will be only ups.Thank you very much for this post sir to remind us how to keep ourselves happy and enjoy the life completely at least now.

Savio Savio
Yes, Kalpana, based on what I sense about you, I can imagine that you have had a tough life in the past 2 decades but those times can be over and done with if you fully immerse yourself into fulfilling your life purpose and being busy in the now.

Gomathi Gomathi
True Sir. Just being at 'now' means, being in complete focus of what we are doing. But we do slip from our focus, what should we do then!! Should we try again & again???

Harpreet Harpreet
True, life is only happening in the present moment. There is no other moment, all there is now. So make it joyful by being present fully.

Vinay Vinay
Very true sir.
People live either in the past or in the future, and therefore, they are not in a position to enjoy the present. If we really enjoy the 'now' and the 'present', there is no chance of any regret, and will be able to enjoy life.

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