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I am going to make this quick, don't know if you will like this, the world is an open road, head straight ahead, turn left or right, move backward, choice is mine and yours, my darling wife enters with some tasty treats, hot cup of tea, potato sandwiches, grilled with cheese, the way I like it.

The stormy weather is perfect for such an evening meal, Off for a break right now, hope you enjoyed this one, hopefully some more musings will be shared with you in the coming moments.

I want to explore the world with you, you where you are miles away, me right here on Osovo, spending a few moments as friends, like twinkling stars in a dark sky, on a still night, you, me and our beautiful souls.

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Harpreet Harpreet
Even though it is quick but profound learning. Everything is our choice the moment we realize we stop blaming others and start taking the responsibility. There will be times when we will at cross roads and what road we take is going to be our choice and as it is said take the road less travelled.

Kalpana Kalpana
Many times we are at cross roads ,the road we take is our destiny and we need to love the road taken then blaming others.Sir you were making my taste buds to water with potato sandwiches and tea ,I like both of them the most.

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