Let Go Let Go

Problems, disagreements, fights, and lack of respect for each other is a definite reason to end the relationship and move on strong. Being with a partner that does not truly respect and care about you is like being with the devil himself.

It's far better to breakup with someone who isn't that important to you right now than to carry on with him (or her) and ruin your life much further in the future.

There is a great demand for psychic readers and fortune tellers online since so many young girls out there want to know how they can get their ex-boyfriend back. These young females figured they made a mistake by breaking up with their boyfriends since they miss them a lot right now. What's more, not finding anyone new is causing them to become even more miserable. Just move on. Let go. Life will be better after a while.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Perfect Sir, the real sickness of younger generation is 'failing to let go the moment'......all carry the loads of painful past, live the present worrying & makes the future still more worse.

Sheila Sheila
Sir, I wanted to share my observations.
In olden days, boys used to make friends with girls and then leave them after sometime and go away.

But now of recent years, I have been observing that boys are innocent. Young girls make a fool of them. They just select boy friends for time pass, going outings, restaurants etc. Nowadays young girls have more money to spend. So, they enjoy life like this and finally ditch the boys.
Boys become more miserable. They are not with strong heart like the girls. Many boys just suicide. Jump from buildings, drown themselves with small messages in their mobiles. We read a lot in news papers. Girls take lives easier than boys. Some awareness has to be brought for the present generation on this topic.

Harpreet Harpreet
We hang on to the relationships long gone, to old grudges, to regrets because let go hurts but we have to remember that it hurts more to hold on. Also if we don't let go how will we create space for something new or better?

Savio Savio
Yes, Sheila, these days, there are more cases of boys being fooled and cheated by the girls than the other way round. Both youngsters and adults must spend time once a week analyzing their intimate relationships with others so that they can always be fully aware of how things are progressing, strive to improve their relationships and end things if nothing can be done to rectify the issue.

Girish Girish
There are more and more number of youngsters, yes and boys on the higher side who need counselling and hand-holding during their heart break moments. Boys are typically seen to be weaker in 'managing' their emotions than girls although the latter are said to be more emotional by nature.
Youngsters, especially those who experience troubled relationships in their families among their parents and with their parents, need expert guidance to sail through the choppy experiences of break-ups, rejections and depression.

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