Life Changing Experience

It was a hot summer's day in April when I reached home from a lecture and collapsed on the floor of my home. My wife called the doctor home within 15 minutes. He checked me while I lay motionless on the floor. I was too dizzy to even see things clearly. I felt that I was dying.

I told my wife that I loved her a lot and kissed my son and her goodbye. However, after the doctor left, and after eating some plain boiled rice I felt a lot better.

I took the medicines that he prescribed and got up after nearly an hour of lying on the floor. I lay in my bed for the next 2 days. This gave me enough time to think about my future. Well, if there was going to be one that is.

I called that experience a life changing experience for me because I decided to stop taking back-to-back classes after that episode. I decided I would wind up the business and work from home in the near future. I realized that the money I made did not matter one bit when I wouldn't be alive to enjoy it along with my wonderful wife, kid and other dear ones.

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Sheila Sheila
Very truly said Savio Sir. Even, I used to wonder about the life of big people like Presidents, Vice Presidents, MDs and even Chief Minister and politicians, they make a lot of money. But they are never contented. They still keep on earning money and never retire or come out of their portfolios. They still wanted that seat and position.
If that is so, then what will happen to the money they earned. Did they find time to spend atleast a small portion of the money earned to enjoy with their loved ones? Did they live for themself? Did they give rest to their mind and brains? Did they think that life is to be lived only once? Did they think of what will happen if they die? What will the money do for them?? Will they realise that they have missed the best part of their valuable time to spend with their loved ones and felt relaxed and happy. Did they sleep well? If all these questions are answered by them, then life will change.

Harpreet Harpreet
Sometimes one experience in life becomes a turning point in our life. It changes us in a way that we can never go back to be the same life or be the same person we once were.

Gomathi Gomathi
Life always gives us a hit back when we are too much with something. However life is not that cruel to punish us, it gives warning signs by demanding changes in our life style. And sure this life style change of yours is now making 1000 of lives across the world to live more happier & peaceful by the posts of Osovo.

Kalpana Kalpana
Very true Gomathi life pats at us we have anything which is too much for us.It says take a pause now or you will break.

Vinay Vinay
Very right sir. We, sometimes will be very much workaholics, even without thinking about the members in the family. But when we get time, and if we think about it, we will understand that family matters the most. After all we are all working for the family, so why neglect it?

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