Life In The Speedy Lane

We live our lives in the fast lane today. Studies have shown that we spend less than 3 hours each week in actually talking to other people face-to-face (apart from working hours) and we spend over 12 hours each week watching TV.

Those moments of walking around the area in the Evenings still exist but it is just us walking those streets alone instead of a huge family of children, Uncles and Aunts all walking around enjoying the chilly Winter evenings as one big family.

It seems like our lives are being controlled by a demon who forces us to spend less time in real communication with others and more time on electronic devices, gadgets, and gizmos created by greedy inventors whose sole aim was to infiltrate our society like devils and break down our homes thereby alienating us from each other while leading us to live our lives in our own separate corners of the cities and towns that we now occupy like robotic beings.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Perfect Sir. Gone are the days, sitting outside every evening, chatting with dear family & neighbors for hours. Now, the dad, mom, every children of the family, are locked up with their technology find to chat with someone unknown around the world & fails to chat with their own family members. It is the pity state, but still changes can be made, when we begin to change.

Harpreet Harpreet
Very well said the power of technology has touched every one in some way. I think Albert Einstein was talking about the present times when he said "I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots."

Kalpana Kalpana
Sir its life of most of us ,from last week ,I started spending more time talking to everyone if possible face to face .Spending time going out with family rather sitting in front of TV.

Dolphi Dolphi
There comes a time in life when we realize that it serves no purpose in moving on in this life at breakneck speed. It is best to swerve gradually to slow lane and enjoy every bit of this life.

Vinay Vinay
Life has become very much mechanical. Gone are the days when we enjoyed with all the family members at home. Now where are the family members? A father, a mother and a child - that's all.
I always wonder; in the future, some of the children will not be knowing the relationship at all. For example, if I am the only child of my parents, where will my daughter get her uncle and aunt from (father's brother and sister)?
And the parents are so engrossed in earning for their son/daughter, they most of the time forget the son/daughter!!
Most of the communication, if not all, has become part of technology.

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