Listen To What Is Said


While listening, be interested in what is being said. Show that you are listening by nodding your head or leaning forward. Reduce the gap between their rate of speech and your rate of thought.

Donít give advice unless they ask you to give it. Remember that you don't have to understand every word that they say. Try to just get the main idea or message even if you missed a few words.

Sleep enough hours, have some exercise, and eat well. Take some time each day, or on the weekend, to relax a bit.

Do not interrupt the other person unless you really need to.

Paraphrase certain information and ask the right questions. Donít think about what you are going to say next while they are still speaking. Do not look away when the person is talking.

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Sheila Sheila
Good culture and ethics. Rightly said. When a speaker or a lecture is given, the audience, should keenly watch and give a little nod of what the speaker is saying. That will motivate him and cheer him to give the lecture. Any doubts or questions can be at the end of the session. This will help the lecturer to convey completely what he wanted to say. In between interruption may break his flow of thoughts and words. We should be a good listener.

Harpreet Harpreet
Very appropriate post on how to be a good listener. It is an art which has to be mastered by everyone especially more by counselors.

Gomathi Gomathi
Opening up our ears to someone in need, is a great service to them. I always like to hear good old stories from all the older generation. By doing so, we get wisdom from the respectable older generation.... & they get to happiness for being identified. Listening needs patience & likeness towards the speaker.

Vinay Vinay
Listening is the main ingredient in conversation. If you want to talk nicely, you have to listen carefully first.
The sad part of conversation is that when one talks to the other one, the other one instead of listening, he/she will be thinking of the reply.

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