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I live a terrific life. I do what I love and I have always seen that the bills take care of themselves. The money comes in, and we always have good food on our family table, no matter what the situation might be.

For me, my work here is not just about planting my ass on the chair and delivering whatever message I want to deliver at that time. My work is about communicating with my soul. Changing lives. Changing myself in the process.

Entering into the sacred space inside my inner being and sharing the messages that are spoken is what this is all about. People come in to listen to me not because of the content but because of the message. I am certain that makes sense to you. If it does not then I'm afraid that Osovo might not be the right place for you to be right now.

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Gomathi Gomathi
The sayings of Osovo are from the soul. It is this soulful sharing makes us to be in good bond with Osovo, for our soul is also being nurtured good. Sometimes, good things takes time to reach one's heart than the bad things. However, though late, goodness always lays strong foundation & spreads it's values all around. Be with goodness.

Kalpana Kalpana
Sir from morning today I was spending with my parents and with my moms friend 's family.Parents were down after being sick as they are in 70's and my aunt's son was back home from hospital.I was happy spending with them effectively from morning.
The first thing I did after returning home is checked for new posts in Osovo. I felt relaxed when there were no news posts which I might have missed.
Sir if they were not inspiring ,I would have done some other work rather checking for new posts.
Thank you very much sir, now am able to hear many thank you's from my neighbour's because of your inspiration and taking a step towards my goals.

Harpreet Harpreet
Yes Sir it is true that the messages shared on Osovo are the outpourings of a soul. Anything that flows from the inner being only has the ability to touch many souls.

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