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Work can become addictive in a good way when you really are passionate about it. Interest and love can move mountains. Business leaders know that they are doing things right when they see their workforce being on time everyday, doing their jobs with a smile, and leaving after the bell rings. People who love their jobs are a great asset to any business.

Nowadays it is common to see a lack of passion, interest and pride for one's work. A close look at the modern employee's body language will reveal that they aren't happy with the work that they do. They just lack interest in their jobs. They are bored of working.

It's vital for business owners and CEOs to address this serious issue quickly else the business will shut down or incur huge losses due to this reason. A simple change such as lesser working hours and more fun activities inside the office should liven things up a bit.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Need of the hour Sir. Older generation worked not only to earn their living, but also to nurture their passion. If we are happened to see a fisher man sailing to the middle of the sea to do fishing......he risks his life & his team mates lives for the very passion of fishing beyond earning his livelihood. But today generations are in the dream world, they are not taught from young age the value of work, & happiness of passionate working. It's high time to charge these youngsters by different motivational techniques.

Harpreet Harpreet
Absolutely right Sir. It is a blessing to have work force who love their job and are committed to it. My friends daughter works for Viacom 18 and she describes the office environment very conducive with light music playing and having fun activities inside the office. They even send her abroad for a vacation. She looks forward to going to her office every day.

Sheila Sheila
Truly said Savio Sir. Nowadays, people feel bored or less productive than what was there 10 years before. Maybe there is lot of diversions, gadgets and people mind is engrossed in many distractions as well.
To motivate them, to come out of such distractions and to concentrate and love their work and do it with ease, we can add few more tips, like attracting people to sit in their office to do work, put some channel music, which soothes their mind and calm them and they work with less stress.
Motivate them, by giving some complimentary flash notes by their superiors on their display boards or on a common display board appreciating some good work of them. This will help the rest of the team to work better and get such compliments.
Give them some incentives like small gifts for working hard during the month by small prizes.
Having social family get together once in a quarter or half yearly.
Involve them on extra curricular activities, welfare activities.
Try to find their strength and weakness. Appreciate the strength and bring them out of weakness.

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