Lonely People

Are we all lonely in this world? Do we feel the need for company? Does a married man have an affair because of loneliness? Does a young man like me need to be in a deep friendship to feel alright?

I need to speak with a good counsellor for sure, need to have a good mental workout, speak it all, let it all out, move on without the burdens of these thoughts, lonely feelings, inner emptiness, meditation helps me, but now I need to talk to an expert...

Mr. Savio DSilva, are you free to meet up soon? Wait a minute, ain't that my own name, I just said that I want to meet myself, yeah I fooled you didn't I, it's my soul secretly recording this post for you at my computer while I am peacefully and blissfully relaxing this fine moment.

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Sheila Sheila
It is very difficult to live a lonely life. Either young or old, they surely need some company. They need someone to share their feelings and thoughts. They really need motivation and someone to cheer them up daily. This goes a long way to lead a happy life. Life will be so meaningful, when they have people around them. If not nearby, at least they should have someone far away, who can motivate by mobile messages or give a call and cheer them.

Girish Girish
Super example of a paradox, Sir :)

Gomathi Gomathi
The posting of your soul is awesome Sir. Here comes the posting of my soul. Lonely people are those who fail to love, who to fail to see the good in bad, who fail to see mistakes as an opportunity to grow.

To avoid loneliness...... please do cultivate the habit of learning one new thing every day, while away some time in your hobbies, take a stroll along side nature's path by having a good chat with nature, talk to at least one friend daily, spend time with loved ones......now it's time to sleep, for the day is done good.

Harpreet Harpreet
Sometimes when we are alone we don't feel lonely and some times even in crowd we feel lonely. It all depends on the kind of person we are alone with.

Vinay Vinay
In turn, indirectly you are asking us to find out all the answers from within.
Everything is within us. It is up to us to find it.

Kirti Kirti
Savio, you play with words beautifully and pen amazing things. Yes, the answer is within us, we just have to dig deeper and deeper to know it.

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