Love All

You cannot love just the baby or the pet dog. The Master or the Mistress awaits your acceptance and love too. But we foolishly cuddle their babies and pet their dogs while totally ignoring the mediums that actually want our attention.

Our faults are such that we amazingly laugh or chuckle at those of others as if we don't have any of our own.

The narrator of this post has his own faults, is a human just like you, and is the messenger on this wonderful day here on Osovo. But it would be foolish of me (the speaker) to laugh at the "ignorant" listeners who come here today.

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Kalpana Kalpana
Sir i can like every one and can't hear if anyone speaks ill of another person even if he/she has caused great harm to me.As you said i sincerely admit everyone has limitations and we need to focus on their positives.

Harpreet Harpreet
Yes i have also observed that we cuddle the baby or pet the dog rather than paying attention to the parents or owners. We get carried away by their cuteness. It would be much better if we start talking about the baby or the pet dog with the parent or master so they don't feel left out.

Gomathi Gomathi
One language that is common to all species is the "language of love". Unfortunately, we give love to those who seem good in our eyes....& ignore others. But we fail to realize every being is dying for love. Let us understand this phenomenon & let us just give our unconditional love to all.

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