Miracles Are Not Easy

Miracles are not easy. Some clients expect miracles to happen in an hour's time in the counseling room. I would rather not take up single counseling sessions and in reality that's what I have been doing most of the last 10 years.

Clients just don't understand that I am not God nor someone that can solve their problems in an hour. I am just a trained and experienced professional who can listen to you and help put things in perspective for you.

Most people find it difficult to understand the fact that good counselors are not there to give advice to their clients.

I tell my clients that counselors aren't advice givers or miracle workers. Just someone trained to listen to people and help them figure out things for themselves. I have trouble pushing the actual role of a counselor into the minds of the people I counsel.

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Harpreet Harpreet
True Sir. People who come for counseling think that the counselors have all the answers to their problems. Good counselors as Sir you have always taught us listen, understand, empathize and offer different suggestions for client to choose from.

Kalpana Kalpana
Counselling needs lots of patience and takes lot of time.Clients have to make conscious efforts if they have acquired anything consciously and they can visualize a change taking in them.A strong belief lets miracles to happen.

Gomathi Gomathi
Perfect Sir. Usually when there is a problem, human mind go sick & they want someone's help to solve their problem as soon as possible. So as the state of the client. However they fail to realise counselors are also human beings.

Dolphi Dolphi
Good counselling often works wonders on troubled minds. The world is filled with more counselors than those seeking genuine counsel. Be careful and judicious while choosing a good and an understanding counselor.

Dolphi Dolphi
Good and understanding counselors are not easy to find, although many rush to give you unsolicited counsel. Good counselling really works wonders on troubled minds.

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