Most Powerful Meditation Technique

My students, clients and listeners often ask me how I meditate. In other words, they wish to know what are the main techniques of Meditation that I practice and follow in my daily life.

I believe in experimenting with Meditation and Relaxation so I frequently add in a new or modified technique in the mix. However, I stick to my basic techniques every single day. I meditate for atleast 2 hours using these basic techniques.

The most powerful, easiest and common Meditation technique that I follow is to lay down on my bed, close my eyes, and focus on listening to the sounds of my surroundings. I practice my deep breathing for a while before stopping it and just focusing on the delightful nothingness I experience after just a few minutes of practicing this particular technique.

Many experts and gurus of Yoga and Meditation say not to lay down and meditate. I find it quite amusing that they tell us not to lay down on the bed and meditate because this is the most powerful and relaxing meditation technique in the world. It's the closest technique to the most popular one in the history of the world - sleeping. But, then again, maybe the experts will tell us to go to sleep in a chair rather than on the bed!!

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Kalpana Kalpana
Yes sir,I have seen few video 's and read books on meditation they talk about the sitting comfortable posture .I read this post of yours after 1 am midnight ,I tried meditation in the same posture of lying on bed.I will try doing the way you said ,being the most powerful technique.

Harpreet Harpreet
Sir thanks for sharing another post on meditation. Yes most of the meditation techniques i have read also talks about sitting in the comfortable position rather than lying down as they fear we will sleep. I am going to try this technique and share my experience with you.

Gomathi Gomathi
Thank you Sir for letting know the meditation technique of yours. Sleep is the best meditation, where our conscious state is absent, subconscious state is getting connected to the Universal soul.

After meditation, we want to sleep, what should we do then??

Savio Savio
Yes, this technique will make you feel sleepy. At the same time, it makes you feel refreshed when done after a stint of work or learning. The common sense approach is to use this Meditation technique when you want to go to sleep or feel refreshed.

Gomathi Gomathi
Ok Sir, thank you.

Vinay Vinay
I also prefer lying down to meditate. That makes our whole body relaxed. While sitting, we may feel the pain on our legs and thighs where are lying down will bring total calmness.

Mamta Mamta
It catches my attention every time the word meditation is mentioned.I love to meditate too and when sometimes I am unable to sleep in the middle of the night I remember how you meditate while lying in bed, that's when I do the same and get real restful slumber.

Soosamma Soosamma
I have to sincerely try meditation. Not done successfully till now as I get distracted very fast.

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