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Not a day goes by in my home during which music isn't listened to. It's part of who I am, just like the blood in my veins, and it's a vital component in the fabric of my everyday life.

Barclay James Harvest said it best when he sang "I'm a child of the Universe". I feel one with every other human being on this planet since every single one of us has a rocker inside our souls. And the time is perfect to awaken the rocker within!

We live in a busy and chaotic world. Often feeling lost, sad, confused and in need of someone to hold onto. Loneliness sometimes enters our lives and we don't know how to cope with it.

This post is dedicated to all my ardent readers and loyal listeners. Since without you I would be as lonely as the child in the universe that "Barclay James Harvest" speaks about in the song with the same title.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Thank you Sir, for we have been playing a short role in taking away your loneliness. Indeed even our loneliness is taken away during the times of replying to Osovo posts. A fountain of joy always enters like a rhythmic music while replying such posts. Music, the incredible sounds played to wake up one's soul to love, joy & peace. I like to hear good music though not every day but during all my leisure times.

Harpreet Harpreet
Sir we are learning so much from these posts , i just listened to Barclay James Harvest -child of universe. I really liked the lyrics very touching where it says I didn't ask to be born; And I don't ask to die; I'm an endless dream; A gene machine that cannot reason why. Beautiful. This song is most appropriate now considering what is happening to the children around the world.

Kalpana Kalpana
Sir I truly lost my loneliness whatever little I used to feel with your posts and trying seriously to take out the loneliness of my dear ones with my learning from you all .I listened to to moody blues while replying the post so that I can write from my heart.Thank you for everything you give us everyday with your sweet short posts worth reading 1000 times and more.

Vinay Vinay
I have also felt that music is very powerful. It can heal many of your sickness. You will not feel lonely if music is with you, even if no other human being is there with you.
Such a powerful one is music.
I am truly addicted to music that I can sleep at night only when there is music.

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