My Second Home

I consider Thailand to be my second home. The uniqueness of the Thai culture is that it is the only culture which has not totally absorbed any other culture into it.

This is because it is the only country that has never been colonized in the history of the world. We are influenced in some ways certainly. But there is a strong presence of Thai culture in every single Thai's home.

The Thai culture has merged well with the western influences over the past decades. Walking on the streets of Pattaya at night might make you feel that you are walking on the Las Vegas strip.

However the difference here is that you will find the strong presence of traditional rituals in every business establishment including bars, night clubs, restaurants and massage parlors.

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Harpreet Harpreet
I think one of the things that make the thai people culturally unique is their ability to gracefully mix the ingredients from other culture especially from the western culture yet maintain their traditional rituals. This speaks highly about them that they have not forgotten their roots and values.

Gomathi Gomathi
Sir, your second home Thailand has inspired you by all it's culture......we are so glad to know & it leaves a curiosity to visit the same at least to know the good culture of Thailand.

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