Nature Beckons

Spending time close to Mother Nature is one of my favorite recreational activities. I am fortunate to live not too far from the sea and within meters of a jungle so I wake up and go to sleep with experiencing the strong ocean breeze that rages through our bedroom windows and appreciating the greenery that surrounds our home.

Fortunate are those that live close to Mother Nature. However, unfortunate are those that live close to Mother Nature but do not spend enough time appreciating it.

Never get so caught up in the rat race and a busy life. Relax more often, spend more time close to nature, experience life in all her purity, relish nature's abundant beauty, for before you know it your time on earth will be over and you will leave this world feeling unhappy and full of regrets.

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Kalpana Kalpana
We live in a place now ,little far away from city a place surrounded by mountains,trees and small ponds and enjoying the celebrations of all festivals done in temples here too as there is lot of open area.

Dolphi Dolphi
It is my wish too to spend interminable hours in the lap of nature. Life's constraints do not allow me to do so now. Living in a big city has its cost; those inexpensive pleasures are scarcely available here.

Gomathi Gomathi
I always like to spend good time with Nature, I can just admire some natural still even for hours. That much nature caught my heart. Even now, the Sky is grayish black, it is about to rain, feeling the silence everywhere, gentle breeze through the window just chilling the face.

Harpreet Harpreet
I am very fortunate that i am living in a place which is on a hill with lot of greenery around. I find it so relaxing to spend time in my little kitchen garden, sitting in the lawn sipping tea in the evening. I also feel bad for people who can not appreciate the beauty of nature even when staying close to mother nature.

Sheila Sheila
I love nature and even the small bit of creations of God. But I am not blessed to live near the sea shore. But I keep travelling daily and can admire, the passing clouds, the sun, the beauty of hills around the way, the trees and plants and even enjoy watching bloomed flowers..
The fragrance.. Everything is a creation of God and I thank Him on seeing this beauty.

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