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Never Lose That Focus


When I am engaged or involved in a particular activity (take recording this post right now) it's almost impossible for my mind to drift into thinking about something else.

My entire attention is focused on the current task of creating this post and nothing else in the world can distract me while I'm doing it.

I create over 600 posts each month working less than 3 hours a day and 5 days a week on this career. It's simple to figure out how my habit of being firmly focused on the task on hand has helped me perform much, much better than most other human beings and also be more effective than them as well.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Well said Sir. The power of focus can make one to touch infinite heights......& Sir, you are an example of inspiration. A busy man is one who finds time for all. Likewise, Sir, you have time for your 'Self', time for your loved ones, time for your profession, time for your friends.....& all. A good applause.

Dolphi Dolphi
I suppose it is the problem of 'attention deficiency'. I have never been able to focus on a single task. Even now while doing something I keep drifting to other things. This post is a reminder to me to make a conscious effort to improve my focusing ability.

Mamta Mamta
I shall endeavor to achieve the kind of focus you have sir.I too like Dolphi get distracted and my mind wanders to other tasks that need to be done.

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