No Hiding Please

You might think about hiding your true self from the rest of the world but in doing so you will deny yourself a myriad of opportunities that will be coming your way soon.

Do not envy others that you know since you have been gifted with a unique personality that can truly shine when worked on correctly.

You can be someone that can change the world and help other people in need but let yourself go in the direction of your dreams first so that the charitable side of your personality can tick as per its own whims and pace.

You can contribute a lot to your loved ones' lives just by being there and showing them that you are around to support them no matter what.

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Sheila Sheila
Definitely a relative or a friend, will be requiring some support or the other in times of trouble. As a good human, one must take time to be with them. Even, if we are unable to help them financially due to our constraints, we can be of a moral support to them in times of distress or sickness or when they are low in their spirits. We can give them some comforting words, find out some ways for them to come out of the problems, pray for them and strengthen them with positive energy. God will also be well pleased with us, when we start practicing these good habits. Thanks Savio Sir, for this good post. We should even teach our children of these good habits from their childhood.

Savio Savio
You raise a few good points, Sheila. I must spend some time from today telling my little boy about some of these things that I speak about on Osovo. I must also spend time with a certain relative who does not appear to have anyone else to spend much time with these days. Nothing works as magically as following one's own teachings. Which is what I love to do most.

Harpreet Harpreet
When we were going through our tough phase many people came to our help especially our friends and people from the services. I realized that we should help others in whatever way we can so that things become little easy for people who are going the tough phase. Most of the people have seen will come to see the sick person, show their face and then feels they have done their duty. I feel more than that one should ask how can i be of any help. Can i get food or do you need financial help or should i stay in the hospital while you go and rest. These small things can make a lot of difference and this is the real help.

Gomathi Gomathi
Having playing a personality at home & another personality in society will definitely shatter one's peace. Let us have the same identity every where. As said by Sir, first priority is going by one's dream, then the charitable part of life will slowly takes it's place in the process of getting to the dream.

Kalpana Kalpana
I started rendering my help to my family members .I thought they need my support especially my mother she is suffering from psoriasis and diabetic ,she takes too much of stress for every simple issue though my father supports her to the best she needs someone to listen to her.My husband feels lonely and stressed as he stays away from us .I am contributing more time supporting my family and to people around me in our flats next.

Savio Savio
You are doing amazingly well in rendering your voluntary services to others around you, Kalpana, I am hopeful that God will give you the courage and strength to continue doing this good work forever.

Kalpana Kalpana
I just spoke to few members of committee of our flats ,said I will display few stress relief techniques on notice board which I learnt from you all.Elderly people who might not be able to read and teenagers who need my help in their studies can approach me at home.Hope I can do to my best and help them a little every day sir.

Divya Divya
Being truthful is important.

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