No One Sided Love

Love is not supposed to be one sided. Both partners must love each other equally. There should be a great understanding between both partners. Each partner must understand when to be with each other and when it's time to be on your own. Love is not dependence, it's independence in the truest sense of the word.

So, with a heavy heart, feeling your pain, my advice to you is to move on with your life when your partner walks out the door. Don't waste precious moments in hurt, regret and tension. The future holds tremendous promise. Often in keeping the door of your heart closed, you are not allowing anyone else to enter it.

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Harpreet Harpreet
True love isn't one sided. Both the partners have to give their 100% to the relationship to make it work so if it is not happening it is best to let go of the other person whose part in our life is over. Yes it is going to hurt a lot but when you let go then only you will create a space for some one better who will reciprocate your love and give his 100%.

Gomathi Gomathi
Love between two hearts of the life partners makes life a heaven. This true love understands, shares, sacrifice & brings joy in their relationship. However one side love leaves the heart in love sick & unhappy......it's quite difficult to let go the relation, but still, it brings peace & harmony to the heart in love.

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