Not Designed To Work Hard

Our brains are not designed to work that hard, neither are our bodies or hearts, and certainly not our souls. We are human beings and living things that must live a life that's relaxing, enjoyable, comfortable and satisfying.

Choosing to ignore the grains of wisdom scattered across Osovo will be a great loss for you. It's not a threat, but the reality of life itself!

You simply cannot go against what I say here because in doing so you will only prove to yourself how important what I've shared with you (here) is.

It's impossible to put even a fencing sword through the eye of a needle without hurting the eye or breaking the needle.

There is a certain listeners out there who might think that I am trying to tell him how to live his life. But, such a listener might well be a Fox who performs best when he is teased, ridiculed or insulted.

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Sheila Sheila
True Sir. We should give rest to our brains.
That is why the 8 hours sleep is a must to all.
When we sleep our brain does most of the repairing part in our body. It repairs the damaged cells, and other important organs within us.

When we are awake, the brain cannot concentrate on its maintenance activity. That is why the sleep is a must. It is all the wonderful creation of God.

Kalpana Kalpana
True sir we need to take pause when we work,we get rejuvenated after effective sleep and meditation for complete awareness .

Harpreet Harpreet
True Sir. Our body, mind and soul are not designed to work hard because we are human beings not human doings. Osovo is helping us to live a life that align with our being which is peaceful, happy and blissful by sharing wealth of knowledge about how to do that.

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