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You will find immense satisfaction when you find a few things to do on a daily basis that you really enjoy doing and which are mentally stimulating without leading to exhaustion and lethargy in the moments that follow.

A delicate balance among the few important areas of your life will lead to you to experience more joy, added calm, greater relaxation and utmost satisfaction. Every single one of us will love each day even more when we have something to look forward to.

A word of caution here though. Don't keep dreaming about the things that you want to do tomorrow since doing so automatically destroys your present moments. The beauty of life is when we can fully immerse ourselves in the now. Not in the now of the tomorrows.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Fully immersing in the now, perfect Sir. But we go in forgetfulness many times, our monkey mind always likes to wander at its own way. Self mastery is life mastery, to master our Self, we do need to control our thoughts, again meditation helps to do the same. By controlling our thoughts, hope the focus of now is attained.

Kalpana Kalpana
Though we plan things to be done as daily basis ,few things go out of mind .In my opposite house new tenants have come I wanted to spend sometime with aunty as she got her knee transplantation ,I didn't see her for many days .I hesitated to go and talk and today I came to know she fell from a chair and was struggling for 4 hours till their family members returned from bank work.I spoke to them today and asked them to inform us whenever they are going out.

Sheila Sheila
A very good gesture Kalpana of offering to help the needy in such a situation.
Thank you Savio Sir, for giving us this topic of living in the Now.
Very true, many people do not live in the present.
We have to learn to be more practical and try to live in the now, with whatever we possess.
Once, we start practising to live in the Now, we will overcome the danger of missing out good and best opportunities that comes in our lives.
When we read Matthew Chapter 25 verses 14 to 30, we see that 3 persons were given talents.
First person with one talent, second with 5 talents and third one with 10 talents. The first one did not know to live in the "NOW" instead, he was forseeing the future, if the master comes in future and asks for the same how will I repay him. He thought like that and hid the one talent. Rest of the two people, knew to live in the NOW. They made the best use of what was given to them and doubled them.
When God returned and asked, the first person returned the coin saying that he did not make use of the same fearing that the master will come and ask account in the future.
When God say this, he got angry on him and snatched away the one talent given to him.
He blessed the other 2 people, who made the best use of the given talents and known to live in the NOW.

Savio Savio
A detailed and insightful analysis on this topic, Sheila, all our readers benefit from such a healthy exchange of information on Osovo. Thanks for sharing.

Harpreet Harpreet
Life becomes exciting when there are things we look forward to be doing every day. It is like we lose ourselves as well as find ourselves in the things we love doing.

Vinay Vinay
It will be very nice if we love what we are doing and if we are looking forward to the next day.
Since I am in the field of education, and am in a school, I get different experience everyday. It is not at all monotonous. Therefore, I enjoy my work because each day is a new day for me.

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