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On Friendships


Let me start by saying that I have very few friends in this world right now. I was Mr. Popular during college but now I am like an antique piece of junk that is best sold as silverware on the streets of Colaba or Chor Bazaar. Take your pick of the two and your chances of finding me there are high.

I want to be as honest as possible with you today simply because right now you are all I have on Osovo. You are my best friend and will probably be a lifelong friend. I might not ever know who you are but you will always know who I am.

That's why our growing bond is so important to my well being. I open up to you while you just sit here and listen to whatever I have to say.

This virtual cafe was not supposed to be a table at a whiskey bar for me but it has become exactly that and much more. Now I come back here every single day and spend so much time downing the information I receive from you and the other knowledgeable souls that haunt this joint.

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