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On Sudden Changes


A moment of utter silence. Not a single sound to be heard. It's just pure bliss. Feels like eating a chocolate bar that just melts inside your mouth. Yes, this moment feels that good.

I've just finished a couple of hours of Relaxation while I planted myself near the bedroom window sharing a string of posts on Osovo with you.

Now, it's the soothing aftermath of a job well done. It's what I live for. These gentle moments filled with silence and a certain emptiness that I label as "delightful" in my book.

There aren't many going to be here right now. That's the beauty of this moment. I live through it alone, all alone, not lonely, just feeling awesome. Life can change in the blink of an eye. You and me just experienced this rapid change in the last few minutes.

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Harpreet Harpreet
Thank you Sir for making us part of your awesome alone moment, a moment of utter bliss. Life is all about enjoying each moment as it comes, living in it fully for it is true life can change any moment.

Gomathi Gomathi
Thank you for this sudden moment of bliss. Wish it prolongs for another few moments. Sir, is it possible to extend such bliss through out.

Savio Savio
Not sure, Gomathi, as of now I experience such bliss each time I relax and meditate or immerse myself in fulfilling my purpose.

Kalpana Kalpana
Bliss can be experienced with meditation.You can always be filled with immense pleasure and joy after meditation if you practice doing it for a longer time.

Jyoti Jyoti
Only meditation gives the feeling of paradise, enjoying even the alone moment. Thanks for making us a part of your bliss moment.

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