Plan Your Weekly Menu

Plan out a weekly menu at home and stick to it. I know a few smart people who do this and they save a lot on breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner expenses each month. The reason for the big savings in money is that we know exactly what we want to eat well in advance so we can shop at the precise time to get the best price and maximum discounts from online grocery stores.

It's disheartening to see that the vast majority of humans live a hand to mouth existence with barely enough food to eat three times a day. It would be extremely wise for humans to save time, money and effort by planning our meals well in advance.

Also, it's important to know how much time goes into cooking these meals. You can do several things at the same time if you know your cooking times before hand. For example, in our home, we cook our lunch while listening to music, writing and browsing the internet. While our 7-year-old son draws and paints under our discreet supervision.

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Rashida Rashida
Planning a weekly menu is a really smart idea. It certainly helps to save time and money as we know well in advance of what we will be cooking. It also relieves us from d stress of going to the market for the necessary ingredients at the eleventh hour.

Harpreet Harpreet
I can vouch for the weekly menu because this is something i follow at my home. I put the weekly menu on my fridge and it is easy for me to see in advance what i am preparing and what all things i have to buy. Since i shop for vegetables and fruits for a week. it works well.

Gomathi Gomathi
Right Sir, I usually buy vegetables as per the menu of the week, sometimes, end of the week, very few vegetables go dry...... this makes me to plan the upcoming week wise......likewise, I'm good enough to plan my weekly menu & get vegetables as accordingly.

Rekha Rekha
Right sir, I do make weekly menu and follow that. It saves time and money both.I kept ready all the vegetables and grocery in advance.

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