Platinum Words Of Wisdom

- Use your car for more than five years.
- Pay yourself before you pay anyone else.
- Don't take loans.
- Never steal anything but you must bargain for almost everything you buy.
- Develop the right contacts with the right people.
- Be never in debt or bankrupt.
- Don't take loans that need more than 10% of your income to pay it back monthly.
- Don't wait for the tank to get empty to fill it up.
- Don't pick up work calls once you reach home.
- Take the help and support of others.
- Live a life that is strongly aligned with your values and interests.

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Harpreet Harpreet
Powerful platinum words of wisdom if we want to live stress free life. We as a family follow most of these words of wisdom. We have one car which we have been using for the last 7 years and other car for the last 3 years. My husband has this habit of checking and comparing the prices in 3 shops before he buys anything. Only thing which he doesn't follow is that he picks up work calls after he reaches home but that he can't help being in the services.

Dolphi Dolphi
The new young generation does not give the second thought while buying things on credit card. I am alarmed at the hyper-confidence of these youngsters. Sooner or later the burgeoning credit will catch them by the neck.

Gomathi Gomathi
Thank you for these platinum words of wisdom Sir. "Live a life strongly aligned with your values and interests"......sure Sir, we are doing it, still it has to become our habit and later the character.

Vinay Vinay
Thank you sir for the Platinum words of Wisdom. I feel that some of the things I personally will not be able to follow in the present working condition.
In spite of that, I shall try my best to follow the maximum.
I know those are meant for my own good.

Soosamma Soosamma
Powerful words which everyone must practice. I do 50% of it and now will try for 100% after reading it. Thank you sir for this post.

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