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Knowledge is power and knowing more and more about less and less makes one a genius in whatever they learn more and more about.

But learning and knowing are two different things. I know a lot about the paranormal world. My learning though is still backward and need to work on it from now on.

How delicious a food item is can easily be known once someone eats it. If anything remains on the plate then the dish wasn't that tasty but if there is nothing left on the plate then that's enough proof that the dish was really tasty.

The number of downloads and continuous feedback tell me that the work that I do on Osovo is genuinely helping people live better lives.

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Harpreet Harpreet
I am not surprised Sir that you are getting positive feedback for the kind of work you are doing on Osovo. Your knowledge and experiences have made you an expert on many aspects of life and when readers and listeners are applying them in their life they can see the change themselves.

Kalpana Kalpana
True sir ,its not surprising if you get positive feedback continuously from your readers.You have mastered many and share the same with your readers.

Gomathi Gomathi
Knowledge is power......& the use of knowledge is more powerful. What we have learned is just a drop in an ocean. Learning new things every day will not only enhance one's knowledge but also earns confidence in one self. Let the knowledge of us be used for the goodness of all.

Gomathi Gomathi
And Osovo is one such forum spreading knowledge for the goodness of all. Thank you Osovo, you seem to be an inspiration.

Sheila Sheila
Very true Sir. Your continuous efforts in creation of different topics in this Osovo opens up the mind to think, to learn and to understand facts . Many thinks just come and go in a mind like a flash. But only when we get a way to go in depth of thinking and acquiring more knowledge about that is through reading..
Thanks for your good efforts sir. It really gives more knowledge for the readers.

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