Quantity Matters Most

Quantity matters most on social networking sites such as Facebook. Everyone wants to have more "likes" for their status updates and uploaded pictures.

Friends compete with their own friends to prove that they have more "active" friends online. Also, the total number of friends that one has matters most of all.

Celebrity musicians go to extremes to post selfies (photos taken by themselves since they are so lonely in real life) when it isn't remotely connected to their actual work.

How I wish they would post links to download their songs for free instead of their ridiculous self photos.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Seriously it is the ill of all social site users. All go by a trend, no one has their self identity. All temporary happiness, and end result is depression & loss of self power. Better late than never. Wake up all to find your lost self identity.

Harpreet Harpreet
It is the number game on the social networking sites. The number of likes, friends etc but what happens to so many friends who are no where to be seen when the tragedy struck in real times. In real times it is the quality of friendship not quantity which matters.

Dolphi Dolphi
Contrary to what I heard before that it is the quality and no the quantity that matters most. So here is the exception. In social networking circles one who gets the most 'likes' is the king o the queen.

Sheila Sheila
Yes I have also observed that people wanted more likes for their photos and whatever they share.

In actual sense, we should use the media to spread good news to the society on Positive living, Good health, prayers, meditations and good values of life, which will benefit the society and the people and families who read them.

Instead, sending celebrity pictures and senseless jokes, really annoys the people.
For any posts, there must be some sort of quality and meaning. Or it could be pictures of nature, or beautiful places, which we cannot see them in person and if someone shares them, we could appreciate the beauty and the quality of the photography.

Vinay Vinay
It used to be 'quality matters'. Thanks to the Facebook, quantity also matters now-a-days.
What a change!

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