Quick Breaks

I love taking quick breaks between the creation of these posts. So will you. I can't breathe out wisdom for an hour, you can't listen to me jabber for hours on end, I love experiences, moments are my middle name, share what I think, speak about what I feel, give you the scene, you decide what you want to, I say what comes naturally.

No tea cup in my hand right now, it's a rarity for me, always sipping during my free time, little else to do, a wise one in a big city, crowded below, lonesome indoors, wouldn't like it any other way, I love being by myself. I'm sure you will love being lonesome when you Meditate for a couple of hours a day.

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Harpreet Harpreet
Osovo is teaching us so many things. The best is to live a life of relaxation, meditation, doing things what we love to do with ample breaks in between. Yes we don't mind being lonely because we are in our own company. Thanks Osovo for introducing us to our own self.

Gomathi Gomathi
Exactly Sir, I like to be in lonesome by meditation. All the turbulent storm of my mind & heart is now settling down after doing meditation........& Osovo plays a great role in removing our worries where it always feeds us with good hopes of living. Thank you.

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