Role Of The Listener

The role of the listener is everything, you teach me how to live better, enjoy the moment, relax more often, lay down and meditate, do what I love, spend more hours daydreaming, living my life in the present moment, focus on the now, don't worry, be happy, that's our purpose, yours and mine, be happy everyday, you taught me all these things and more, I'm super happy right now, very confident, very relaxed, at peace inside my soul, never lonely, not anymore, you are the change, the change is everything, this one is dedicated to you.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Thank you Sir for recognizing us as a good listeners. Indeed we also revert our sincere thanks for you being a good listener as well. Your likes & comments on our sharing,gives a happy smile within.

Kalpana Kalpana
Thank you sir for making us feel we are good listeners.Am very bad at it.

Sheila Sheila
Listening is quite a tough skill. Especially for women. They always do a lot of talking than listening. On an average a woman speaks 14000 words, whereas a man speaks 7000 words. Generally men exhaust these words when they are outside their home. But unfortunately, women, especially if she is a house wife, she has 14000 words to speak, but did not find anyone to listen. Then her husband comes home tired and exhausted his 7000 words. Then, the problem starts. She tries to burst out the words, but in turn he has to just listen and not utter anything back. This is the general saying.

Coming to the point of listening. It is really an art. We as counselors, has to specially learn the skills of effectively listening. This is the basic principle to learn in our subject to start the counseling. Thank you Savio Sir, for this subject.

Savio Savio
Useful and insightful analysis on this topic, Sheila. I have made a note of these facts in my journal. Thank you.

Mamta Mamta
Thank you for the appreciation sir. As counselors we need to hone this skill more, and by us being the listeners we are getting better and better at it.

Kalpana Kalpana
Sheila i am good listener and a speaker not at home but as a lecturer.I come home at the end of the day so tired that i don't speak much.But when i meet my people during vacation i usually take active participation as a speaker.Now i should learn more to listen as it is the quality of counselor.

Vinay Vinay
Listening is an art. Everyone doesn't listen the same way.
The problem is instead of listening, we will be thinking of the response we have to give to the other person when he finishes his talk. So we miss out what the other one speaks.
Listening to the words that come out of the mouth of the speaker, understand the body language of the speaker, the expressions of the speaker and sometimes the unspoken words too - everything should be listened to understand fully.

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