Salton Sea Mystery

There are so many phenomena in our world that are difficult to explain, tough to demystify, hard to fathom. The Bermuda Triangle is one such mystery. Ships disappearing, never to be found, what must have happened in that particular location in the wide open Seas, no one knows but everyone seems to have an answer.

There was once a place in our world which was so beautiful and peaceful that the world famous icons and political figures went there for a vacation. The place was such a thriving vacation destination that several Hollywood movies and actors would frequent it for shooting purposes or just to relax and mingle with like minded folk. The place that I am talking about is the Salton Sea.

Once the haven for rich Hollywood actors and dignitaries is now no more than just a place to visit if you haven't anything better to do. Life's like that. One moment something right in front of you. Next moment gone!

That's why we must truly cherish and enjoy the present moment. You don't want it to just pass by without even a glimpse of what you could have done right now but didn't do.

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Kalpana Kalpana
True sir we need to cherish and live the moment ,life is just a moment .We need to live it,love it and enjoy it .

Gomathi Gomathi
The mystery of Bermuda triangle was once explained to me by my bro in his younger teens. I was totally stunned at this mysterious Earth structure. Sometimes it's better to accept the fact, rather than go into research.

And Salton sea mystery is quite stunning too.

Sir, agreed to your focus of living to the best at the present moment, for nothing is certain in the next moment.

Sheila Sheila
Very sad to know about the Salton sea.
Why did it loose its importance? There may be some background for that.

When anything, suddenly looses its importance, there is so much of feeling. I don't know whether you'll have noticed. But I have observed very closely. Even non-living things, when we buy an equalent product, something happens to the old one. We were having an old model Television. Then, my son compelled me to buy a flat screen TV. As soon as we fixed the new TV, there was problem to my old TV . Same way, I have observed in many of my purchases. Then I used to wonder, how come this sensitiveness happens even to non-living things.. There must be something behind this effect.

Harpreet Harpreet
So true. Even the historical ruins teach us that nothing is permanent. One moment of glory next moment ruins. The only real thing is the present moment and we should make the most of it.

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