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Managing our daily schedule well is the key to living a good life. Include all the major areas of your life in your schedule. Leave out nothing. There is no need to compromise. There is enough time for everything.

It's better to create a weekly schedule over a daily one as certain activities are best done on weekdays while others are ideally done on weekends. Create a schedule that includes all your hobbies, household chores, and other activities that you normally do every week.

Add in something new to learn or do so that there is some variety in your routine. Avoid big changes. It's difficult to make big changes in our schedule at the drop of a hat. It's much easier to make tiny changes in our lives, one little step at a time, then progress faster once we are used to those small changes.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Yes Sir, Though not a good planner, I'm doing it. However will follow the time management 18 in days coming...... a little time to plan, will definitely take our life to brighter side. Sure will take one step at a time, noted down Sir, thank you.

Harpreet Harpreet
Time management 18 is an excellent way to manage our schedule. It covers all the major areas of life and it is planned for a week. After incorporating it i have realized i have enough time to do everything and i don't feel over whelmed.

Kalpana Kalpana
Yesterday I thought of asking you again about it sir.I am planning for NLP course and therapy from tomorrow and spending some time with neighbours and students to help them in reducing stress.I was thinking if I can manage all of these though your time management audio book was reminding me that I can schedule it .Thank you for such a good post for me not to think of taking another new step.

Vinay Vinay
It reminds me of the 'Joining the Dots' by Savio sir. Making the daily schedule also is somewhat like that. Bit by bit, we can achieve anything. If we plan properly, there is nothing that we cannot achieve.

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