Self Beaters

They are few men who go around beating themselves with a whip in public areas. These days there are Millions of people around the world who beat themselves by worrying and stressing about our past, present and future.

Stress is the biggest killer on the face of the Earth because we let it grow and swell on the insides of our bodies till we cannot control or relieve it anymore.

Sometimes we blame ourselves for somebody Else's loss or death or a breakup which happened in our past. We tend to feel guilty about things that we did with somebody we cared about or loved.

Just like 'self beaters' we keep hurting ourselves each day by worrying about things that haven't even happened or living in a state of fear about stuff that hasn't even taken place in our lives.

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Kalpana Kalpana
Sir i should learn how to control my stress .I never get stressed with work.My stressor is my past life.How ever busy i keep myself i am not able to come out of those days.I try my best to avoid those thoughts sir, but am becoming helpless in this regard.

Gomathi Gomathi
Right Sir. We live the life as we think. We are solely responsible for all the good & bad days of life. The world is just a reflection of our own self. So let us not worry for the past, or fear for the future.....instead let us live the 'NOW' good, better & best.....for you no longer be self beaters.

Harpreet Harpreet
We can see the people who are beating themselves physically in the public but there are so many people who continuously beat themselves with their self talk, their guilt, regrets about the past and fear about the future. The physical wounds still heal but the emotional wounds which we cause ourselves are very difficult to heal and unless and until we don't work on them we are not going to live well.

Dolphi Dolphi
No use worrying about whatever that happened in the past. Give up the worry, give up the stress. Pick up your rustic mantle and shining shovel and move ahead; you have many things to do before the darkness sets in.

Girish Girish
It is like the proverbial 'baggage' that we keep loading on with and making it heavier as we progress in our lives climbing the steep hill.
It is such a bliss to travel light on long journeys.

Vinay Vinay
Many a times we forget to thank God for the all the blessings that we have. But most of the time we complain about all the short-comings.
We have to be content with what we have.
In case there is a competition, what we have to beat is our own record.

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