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It's wise to say that you can't do something when you know that if you say yes to doing it then it will affect your effectiveness on both those activities or things that you must complete since you just said yes to something that wasn't a part of your regular routine.

Learning to say "No" is most important in everyday life. Unfortunately, this is not a topic taught to us in school or college. As a result, Billions of hours are wasted each year because of people who can't say "No". It's imperative that you make a list of things that are most important things for you to do each week of your life.

Then make sure that the maximum time possible goes towards fulfillment of those important things on your list. If you let anything different come into the picture by saying yes, then you risk performing poorly on something important as well as doing poorly at the new thing that you just said yes to.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Well said Sir. Dare to say 'No' when you want to. School education teaches the life itself not how to live life good?? Saying no is not a way of hurting others, but it is the way of letting know our self integrity. More than anything else, self integrity plays a dominant rule in living our purpose of life.

Sir, saying no even to mind's unwanted thoughts & things is awesome. Will do, thank you Sir.

Harpreet Harpreet
Once we are very clear about our priorities it becomes easy to say no to any thing which takes us away from them. Whether it is to oblige some one or to avoid the habits which are not serving us in fulfilling our priorities.

Sheila Sheila
When we are sure that we cannot do something which is not in our scope and also we do not have the resources and time for that, it is better to say a No in a polite manner without hurting the opposite side.
But just to please them, we should not say Yes and then hang around or keep grudging on the fact that it was dumped.

Kalpana Kalpana
I learnt saying no now sir ,this is my second class .I first heard in my NLP class and now here. Heartfelt thanks to both my teachers.

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