Sharing Some Wisdom

Few words of wisdom that I'd like to share with you right now...
- Stimulate yourself often with great conversations.
- Know that time is highly valuable because once gone it has gone forever.
- Make the most of luck that comes your way.
- Share a common passion or interest with your spouse.
- Don't strive to be famous but have plenty of good friends.
- Love more, hate less, live better, worry less.
- Visit the graves of your parents once a year.
- Always wear your seat belts and ask your kids to do the same.
- Stay away from controversies of any shape, size or kind.
- Try to travel to exotic places.
- Don't listen to pop music.

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Girish Girish
Nice ones, Sir.
Allow me to add a couple more:
- Say no to gossip and stay in company of those who will add more value in your life by way of knowledge and wisdom

- Give back to the society what God has liberally gifted you. It may be money, knowledge, healing powers, and the likes.

Kalpana Kalpana
Sir my taste and my spouse tastes are completely different ,i know him from my childhood as he is related to me.We both intially had passion towards drawing but my mother in law discouraged him as she praised me.Now i take interests on what he likes,long drives with music ,going to temples .

Gomathi Gomathi
"Love more, worry less, hate less, live better"..... great words Sir. The world will be the happiest place when we preach these wonderful words. Thank you for these great words Sir.

Harpreet Harpreet
Nice pearls of wisdom. Sharing a common passion or interest with your spouse, stimulate yourself often with great conversations etc are some of the things i believe brings excitement and something to look forward to.

Vinay Vinay
Good useful words of wisdom. Nothing is difficult to follow, and very essential ones in everyone's life.

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