Single Focus

I've observed that successful people focus on a single activity at a time. They are firmly focused on doing one thing at a time. No more, no less.

They don't fill their plates with too many different projects to complete in a small time period. Rather they have the wonderful and powerful habit of giving their full attention to a single task at a time thus being able to perform that particular task much more effectively than they would have performed it had they done two or more things at the same time.

Multitasking is not the food of successful people. They usually outsource and delegate things to others so that their working time is spent on just a few things.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Perfect Sir, I take to be successful by pointing my laser focus in replying the posts of Osovo & getting my basics right. When this focus is appropriate, sure my career in counseling will fly good. I believe the way I am.

Harpreet Harpreet
Yes apart from many things we can learn from most of the successful people is their ability to focus on one thing till they are successful and then move on to other things.

Lucy Lucy
Very good point Sir, doing many things at a time than doing one thing at time is the quality of the good perfection. When we will do many things together there will not the proper order.

Dolphi Dolphi
Though multi-tasking is needed at times and you must be aware of of what is going on around, let the subconscious mind take care of it. For success, focus your mind on a single task at a time.

Pink Pink
I completely agree to achieve something concrete one needs to be focussed only one task at a time.But in real life in dat today living multi tasking is must.Who will know better than a woman:)

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