Slow Things Down

My Grand Uncle would say "Slow things down". Today was one of those days where I used my Grand Uncle's sound advice quite a few times. I found myself going with the flow today and creating post after post for a couple of upcoming audio books on Osovo.

And each time I stopped the recording button, I would say two things to myself "Take a break" and "Slow things down". The moment I take a break, I literally lay down on my bed or relax in my armchair for a few minutes. I slip into a state of nothingness within a minute of meditating in my bedroom.

But slowing it down is not just about taking a break from work. It is also to do with every single area of our lives. Our bodies and minds rest in peace when we slow things down.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Fact Sir. These 5 months teaching of Osovo has transformed me to better state than before. And now, I am at ease doing my responsibility by taking constant breaks. Sometimes when I go busy mentally, I suddenly remember Osovo teaching on relaxation.....& switch off my mind & take some time with nothingness. And indeed, Osovo have become a part of our life. Thank you for all.

Mamta Mamta
The past couple of years has taught me to slow things down like you said. I was always looking out for doing more and more in life and because of circumstances I was always pulled back.Today with this attitude I feel more relaxed ,but at the same time I keep reminding myself ...what needs to be done has to be done.

Sheila Sheila
Yes true Sir. When mind becomes more stressed, and we feel a break is really required, it is better to stop every bit of activity and rest our minds and take into a state of meditation.
This helps a lot to relieve the stress, recharge ourself and prepare us to take a good brisk activity.

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