Smiles All Over My Face

I am back on my desktop computer to share this post with you. I've realized that there is no better tool to create posts than the desktop keyboard, mouse and mic. Having some relaxing New Age music playing in the background does help a bit too.

It's a beautiful moment on Osovo. The breeze is blowing through our windows and caressing us with interesting information on certain things. You can choose to be still and let these posts embrace you fully or walk away and do something else with your time.

For me, being here, stationed on my cozy armchair, creating a simple yet soothing memoir of this moment is what makes me happiest right now. I wear a big smile on my face as I end this one. I am certain you too will wear such smiles after reading or listening to these posts.

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Kalpana Kalpana
All posts of yours bring a broad smiles on our face.Even without reading the post ,I could smile seeing the caption of the post.

Dolphi Dolphi
The ambiance is right there: cool and gentle breezes past you and you sit on a cozy arm chair spinning post after post that set a thousand minds afire. Without an intensely creative mind the ambiance itself cannot perform any such magic.

Harpreet Harpreet
Sir, i agree that your posts brings a smile on our face especially after reading the tittle of the post. We imagine something and the post is totally about something else. Apart from that it relaxes us when you talk about the gentle breeze and nice ambiance for we ourselves start visualizing. It is nice to see a creative mind at work which is creating such beautiful posts for us to reflect upon.

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