Speaking Is My Thing

Speaking is my thing, it's what I truly enjoy doing, I may not make complete sense all the time, but listeners love coming back to listen to new audio books created on Osovo since it directly connects with an area of their lives while giving them something interesting or different to learn from.

What's more, many of these musings also keep the people entertained. It's been a great Summer & Monsoon thus far here in Mumbai. There is just another month and few weeks to go before one of the favorite seasons of the year happens to come by - the Winter.

Monsoon season is my utmost favorite. I just love the rains, love getting wet, falling sick, recovering, and then going out to get wet all over again. Sitting here by the large open window as the rains pour down stirs up my soul like very few other things can.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Sir, speaking from your soul is your thing....& writing comments from our soul is our thing. Both are from the souls. Interesting opinion on Monsoon, 'like to get wet, go sick, get well'......we do gain inner confidence from your good writing Sir. Thank you.

Sheila Sheila
Sir, reading your posts and making us think, is so wonderful. Today is Teachers day, So we all wish you a Very Happy Teacher's day.

You are not only our Teacher,
You are our friend, philosopher & guide,
All molded into one person,
We will always be grateful for your Support.

Happy Teachers Day.

Dolphi Dolphi
Monsoon season is my favorite too. Mostly confined within the four walls of my apartment I enjoy the rain and do not understand why the rains are a spoilsport.

Harpreet Harpreet
Happy teacher's day Sir. The reason people keep coming back to listen to your audio books is because there is so much to learn, reflect and grow. Your posts touch our souls. I am enjoying rains very much in this place. Yesterday planted some flower seeds and it started drizzling. It was so much fun. Oh! one more thing your post help us to be in the present moment, they are the constant reminder to be in here and now.

Savio Savio
Thank you for the comments and wishes, Sheila, Dolphi and Harpreet. I believe that I am still a student who has yet so much to explore, discover and learn.

Lucy Lucy
Sir Happy Teachers day to you, you are the best teacher for us because teach from the heart.

Savio Savio
Thank you, Sr. Lucy, your wishes are from the heart as well.

Gomathi Gomathi
Sir these forty five days, I am learning good lessons from you, indeed it's a great honor, I can say. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. And Sir, you are our right teacher, thank you. However I can give my wish before the day ends, "Happy teachers day Sir', we like to learn more under your guidance.

Savio Savio
Thank you for the wishes, Gomathi, I am hopeful that the next 45 days will bear abundant fruits of wisdom, knowledge, information and fun.

Gomathi Gomathi
Sure Sir, I always apply the good things that I learn, and these days there are many good things at my door steps, I need to still grasp more as much as I can. Thank you Sir.

Kalpana Kalpana
Sir i love speaking and reading without getting exhausted.Why just those two ,i can do anything for hours without getting exhausted if i love doing that.Last week it rained heavily in Hyderabad, I had to search a temple for a ritual to be performed the next day.We knew one route which is difficult to go by walk as we have to walk through big rocks and stones.We took a 2 wheeler ,it was so cloudy ,watchman warned us not to go.But i had to go and get to know the other route taken by vehicles .It rained heavily ,we drove for 1 hour in that heavy rain to know the other easy route.It is a beautiful with all temples at one place,a meditation center and an orphanage too.I enjoyed finding out that place in heavy rain.I love doing anything which others hesitate to do.

Girish Girish
Your words flow effortlessly like the rains do in Mumbai during monsoon. They soak us all wet in wisdom and insights, each day making us better counsellors and above all, better humans.

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